Begin Watercolor Painting with Fun, Easy, Creative Lessons!
Video Clips of Lessons
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"This is so
much fun. I can
contain myself.
I feel so alive!"
Helen Kirby,
age 84
"You Can Do It! ART"

* Lessons move you from "no experience" to "expressive artist" !   

*  Learn  Watercolor Painting step-by-step with fun, easy DVD video lessons that start with the beginning
basics and move you smoothly into Landscape Painting while you explore creative ways to paint with

*  As you learn these easy but effective professional watercolor painting techniques, you will discover
the colors and styles that are most exciting and reflective of YOU. There is plenty of room for your
individuality and preferences. Explore your creativity and uniqueness in each painting lesson.

*  Lessons are easy to understand, and build sequentially so you can learn how to paint without
frustration and disappointment.

*  DVD demonstrations are for kids and adults, are easy to follow and fun to learn, and give you the
chance to review the lessons as many times as you wish while you are practicing the watercolor

*  The "You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor painting lessons kit has everything you need to
create your  own imaginative, colorful, original watercolor paintings no matter what your painting
experience may be!  

*  Your paintings will be original and suitable for framing!  

Explore the fun of watercolor painting with these relaxing, creative DVD lessons!

                      VIDEO CLIPS  from Beginning "Getting Started" Lessons on

                                          DVDs #1 and #2

VIDEO CLIPS  from "Beginning Landscapes" Lessons on

DVDs #3, #4, and #5

DVD # 3, DVD # 4, and DVD #5  are a continuation of the Beginning Lessons "Getting Started" on DVDs #1 and #2.  
Building on the techniques learned from DVD #1 and DVD #2, new techniques are added so that you can
watercolor landscapes
by combining all the watercolor painting techniques you've learned along the way!
      "You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
Sunrise Services Distributing, LLC
Kit includes:  2 DVDs with  
video demonstration lessons
Professional Paper
Professional Brushes High
Quality Paints Watercolor
Sponge Print Manual (ebook)
Paint Board Masking Tape
29-page e-book "Getting Started"
is part of your Deluxe Kit