Forget about any negative experience you may have had previously in watercolor painting. You are
about to paint watercolor paintings with joy and satisfaction. It's

  • Homeschool -- enhances learning and creativity in all subjects

  • Families -- interactive, relaxing, fun times together

  • Classrooms -- painting lessons to help teachers teach art to their students

  • Hobbyist -- learn watercolor in your own home, at your own pace

  • Art Therapy --  Grief therapy, Assisted Living, Hospice: emotional comfort and proven physical
                                  benefits come from these easy, relaxing watercolor painting techniques

"You Can Do It! ART" introduces beginning Watercolor painting lessons! It's easy! It's fun!
It's therapeutic! You create an original watercolor painting in your very first lesson!  Great for families,
individuals or groups-- learners of all ages and abilities!

  • FUN  for children and adults of all abilities!

  • Professional watercolor painting fine art techniques!

  • Relaxing, therapeutic, and structured for success and positive feelings!

  • NO drawing experience necessary!

  • Lessons designed for self-expression, relaxation, and FUN!

Learn to Paint in Watercolors
with Fun, Relaxing  Watercolor Painting Lessons
Students create
their own
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"You Can Do It! ART"
    "You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
Kids and adults paint
together for family fun
and togetherness.
Abstract watercolor
painting by
watercolor painter,
usingy the DVD
watercolor lessons
Watercolor Paintings
are easy to do. Great
for assisted living
dementia, art therapy
details in
Easy, creative
watercolor paintings
for art therapy is
good physically,
mentally, and  
emotionally. It's fun!
Painting lessons
may be used by
teachers and
students to learn
how to paint in
Kids learn basic
watercolor painting
techniques in fun,
easy, creative
Art for All Ages!
Lesson teaches
sunset skies and
watercolor painters
use creative
painting techniques.
techniques work for
floral paintings.
Watercolor Painting Kit for Beginning
Watercolor Painters. For kids and
adults, families, too. Paints, paper,
brushes, DVDs with painting
lessons for beginning watercolor,,
and step by step instructions.
It's fun and easy to
do a colorful
abstract watercolor
Art for All Ages!